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About us

Explore Flavor
Prepared in the spirit of Mahmud’s belief that “food is an expression
of the soul,” you will discover farm-fresh simplicity weaved with lively
Turkish spices and Mediterranean flavors.
Founder Mahmud Ugur’s passion for food began in his Grandmother’s
kitchen. She didn’t know he was sneaking “appetizers” before each
meal, but this early taste testing led to hours of his own culinary
experimentation. Growing up in Turkey near the Mediterranean Sea,
he fell in love with fresh ingredients. He taught himself his family’s
old-world recipes using hand-picked vegetables from the family
garden and fresh produce from town. 

Mahmud began entertaining friends and family, and when he moved to Austin to attend college, his passion for sharing these recipes grew. Entering the restaurant business was a calling. And like in his Grandmother’s kitchen, Mahmud didn’t want to wait, and now, you don’t have to. Mahmud brings his love of flavor and family together so you can enjoy a seat at the table with quick, easy to order food that provides the fresh and exciting taste of those early recipes. And true to his beginnings, he chose the name Mezzeme, which means “My Appetizer.”
Taste something known with something new.
At MezzeMe we offer unique, exciting dishes that live in the spirit of old-world Turkish cuisine but boast local flare.
Farm-Fresh and Locally Sourced
We believe cooking with healthy, locally sourced food is not only good for the body but good for the community.

Our recipes are designed with farm-fresh ingredients obtained during local harvesting seasons. That means each day our chefs hand-pick the freshest ingredients, including organic options, to share with you. Our menus are based on wholesome goodness that is never processed. By supporting local farmers and the local growing season we can deliver a well-rounded, broad variety of foods rich in nutrients and full-flavored diversity.

We are proud to serve exclusively 100% halal certified meat at all of our locations. This way, we can help provide people from our diverse and wide communities of service with a delicious, superior, southern style fast food experience with all the quality and authenticity that should be expected. So come in and try out one of our delicious 100% halal food – you’ll be sure to love them!

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