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Have questions about our catering menu and services?

Please contact us from or 512.900.8200

We can't wait to serve your next event or gathering 

MezzeMe Catering is perfect for family gatherings, office lunches, meetings, work presentations, celebrations, special events, graduation parties and more!

We have options for vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free meals, and we’re happy to accommodate any dietary needs.

Healthier Employees

Forget fast food. You need brain power. Corporate catering is only effective if the quality of your meals are top notch, providing your employees the chance to eat healthier than they would at home. Healthier meals oftentimes means healthier hearts, and by promoting a wholesome environment, you’ll help to decrease the amount of sick days taken too.

At MezzeMe we offer unique, exciting dishes that live in the spirit of old-world Turkish Mediterranean - Greek cuisine but boast local flare.

Explore Flavor

Prepared in the spirit of Mahmud’s belief that “food is an expression of the soul,” you will discover farm-fresh simplicity weaved with lively Turkish spices and Mediterranean flavors.

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